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Bismillah Ir-Rahman Ir-Rahim.

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The Recitors have recited very Beautifully!

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001_AlFatiha.mp3  506 Kb Al-Mansari

002_AlBaqra.mp3 69.2 Mb Al-Mansari

003_Aal-e-Imran.mp3 45.0 Mb Al-Afasi

004_AnNisa.mp3 45.6 Mb Ali Ajmi

005_AlMaida.mp3 36.0 Mb Al-Afasi

006_Alanaam.mp3 32.6 Mb Ali Ajmi

007_Alaaraf.mp3  Al-Afasi

008_Alanfaal.mp3 Al-Afasi

009_AtTawba.mp334.5 Mb Al-Afasi

010_Yunus.mp3 19.8 Mb Al-Afasi

011_Hud.mp326.5 Mb Al-Afasi

012_Yusuf.mp3 20.3 Mb Ali Ajmi

013_ArRad.mp3 11.7 Mb Al-Afasi

014_Ibrahim.mp3 Al-Afasi

015_AlHijr.mp3 9.10 Mb Al-Afasi

016_AnNahl.mp3 24.2 Mb Al-Afasi

017_AlIsra.mp3 19.0 Mb Al-Afasi

018_AlKahf.mp3 18.7 Mb Al-Afasi

019_Maryam.mp3 Al-Jibreen

 020_TaaHa.mp3 Ali Ajmi

021_AlAnbiya.mp3 Ali Ajmi

022_AlHajj.mp3 Ali Ajmi

023_AlMumenoon.mp3 Al-Mansabri

024_AnNoor.mp3 Ali Ajmi

025_AlFurqan.mp3 Al-Mansabri

026_AshShura.mp3 Ali Ajmi

027_AnNaml.mp3 Ali Ajmi

028_AlQasas.mp3 Al-Mansabri

029_AlAnkaboot.mp3 Ali Ajmi

030_ArRoom.mp3 Ali Ajmi

031_Luqman.mp3 Al-Afasi

032_AsSajda.mp3 Ali Ajmi

033_AlAhzab.mp3 Ali Ajmi

034_Saba.mp3 Ali Ajmi

035_Fatir.mp3 Ali Ajmi

036_Yaseen.mp3 Ali Ajmi

037_AsSaafat.mp3 Ali Ajmi

038_SAad.mp3 Al-Afasi

039_AzZumar.mp3 Al-Afasi

040_Ghafir.mp3 Al-Afasi

041_Fussilat.mp3 Ali Ajmi

042_AshShura.mp3 Al-Afasi

043_AzZukhraf.mp3 Ali Ajmi

044_AdDukhan.mp3 Al-Afasi

045_AlJasia.mp3 Al-Afasi

046_AlAhqaf.mp3 Al-Afasi

/047_Muhammad.mp3 Al-Afasi

048_AlFatah.mp3 Al-Afasi

049_AlHujrat.mp3 Al-Afasi

050_QaAf.mp3 Al-Afasi

051_AzZariat.mp3 Al-Afasi

052_AtToor.mp3 Al-Afasi

053_SuratAnNajm.mp3 Al-Afasi

054_AlQamar.mp3 Al-Afasi

055_ArRehman.mp3 Al-Afasi

056_AlWaqia.mp3 Al-Afasi

057_AlHadid.mp3 Al-Afasi

058_AlMujadila.mp3 Al-Afasi

059_AlHashr.mp3 Al-Afasi

060_AlMumtahina.mp3 Al-Afasi

061_AsSaff.mp3 Al-Afasi

062_AlJumua.mp3 Al-Afasi

063_AlMunafiqoon.mp3 Al-Afasi

064_AtTaghabun.mp3 Al-Afasi

065_AtTalaq.mp3 Al-Afasi

066_AtTahrim.mp3 Al-Afasi

067_AlMulk.mp3 Al-Afasi

068_AlQalm.mp3 Al-Afasi

069_AlHaaqqa.mp3 Al-Afasi

070_AlMaarij.mp3 Al-Afasi

071_Nooh.mp3 Al-Afasi

072_AlJinn.mp3 Al-Afasi


074_AlMudassir.mp3 Al-Afasi

075_AlQiyama.mp3 Al-Afasi

076_AlInsaan.mp3 Al-Afasi

077_AlMursalat.mp3 Al-Afasi

078_AnNaba.mp3 Al-Jibreen

079_AnNaziat.mp3 Al-Afasi

080_Abasa.mp3 Al-Jibreen

081_AtTakwir.mp3 Al-Jibreen

082_Alinfitar.mp3 Al-Jibreen

083_Almutaffifin.mp3 Al-Jibreen

084_AlInshiqaq.mp3 Al-Mansabri

085_AlBurooj.mp3 Al-Mansabri

086_AtTariq.mp3 Al-Mansabri

087_Alaala.mp3 Al-Mansabri

088_AlGhashiya.mp3 Al-Mansabri

089_AlFatir.mp3 Al-Mansabri

090_AlBalad.mp3 Al-Mansabri

091_AshShams.mp3 Al-Mansabri

092_AlLail.mp3 Al-Mansabri

093_AlZuha.mp3 Al-Afasi

094_AlInshirah.mp3 Al-Afasi

095_AtTin.mp3 Al-Afasi

096_AlAlaq.mp3 Al-Afasi

097_AlQadr.mp3 Al-Afasi

098_AlBayyina.mp3 Al-Afasi

099_AlZalzala.mp3 Al-Afasi

100_AlAdiyat.mp3 Al-Afasi

101_AlQaria.mp3 Al-Afasi

102_AtTakasur.mp3 Al-Afasi

103_Alasr.mp3 Al-Afasi

104_AlHumaza.mp3 Al-Afasi

105_AlFil.mp3 Al-Afasi

106_AlQuraish.mp3  Al-Afasi

107_AlMaun.mp3 Al-Afasi

108_AlKosar.mp3 Al-Afasi

109_AlKafiroon.mp3 Al-Afasi

110_AnNasr.mp3 Al-Afasi

111_TabBat.mp3 Al-Afasi

112_AlIkhlas.mp3 Al-Mansabri

113_AlFalaq.mp3 Al-Afasi

114_AnNas.mp3 Al-Afasi


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